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Premium Steamed Yam Cake

Made using the freshest yam and paired with fragrant shrimp, mushroom and shallot, our premium steamed yam cake is delectable in every bite, making it an excellent option for breakfast or afternoon snack. Comes with 1 packet of sambal chilli.



2 pieces per pack
200g per pack, comes with 1 pack of sambal chilli. Premium ingredients, great for breakfast! Best Seller!

Cooking Instruction
Pan fry for crispy finish. Steam for 10 minutes or till hot.

Storage Instruction
1 week (chiller), 2 months (freezer)

Yam cake: Yam, wheat starch, rice flour, shrimp, black eye bean, shallot, mushroom, pepper, salt.
Chilli sauce: Chilli, vegetable oil, onion, shrimp, sugar, salt, belachan, E211.

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