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Lo Mai Kai (Glutinous Chicken Rice)

This pre-packed bowl of glutinous rice with succulent chicken thigh is our all-time breakfast favourite. Ready-to-eat, all you need is to steam or microwave it hot.



4 bowls per pack. Great for breakfast! Best Seller!

Storage Instruction
1 week (chiller), 2 months (freezer)
*Sealed for maximum freshness. Keep chilled for up to 7 days. See packaging for actual expiration date.

Cooking Instruction
Flip over on plate before steaming. Steam for 15 mins. Consume hot.

Glutinous rice, chicken thigh meat, sugar, oyster sauce (oyster extract, sugar, salt, wheat flour, cornstarch, caramel, E621), sesame oil, soy sauce (soybean, caramel, salt, sugar, wheat flour, E211), mushroom, salt, pepper.

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