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Juicy Meat Siew Mai

Bee Sim’s Siew Mai is made with 100% fresh pork. Every piece is generously portioned and you will never go wrong with these served hot in a dim sum basket.



Enjoyed by many since the 1970s,  Bee Sim’s Juicy Meat Siew Mai continues to be the best seller in our dim sum range. Excellent for breakfast and snack.

Net Weight: 375g (15 pieces)

Storage Instruction

Keep chilled and sealed for maximum freshness. See packaging for expiration date. Once opened, consume within 2 days.

Cooking Instruction

Steam: 10 minutes over boiling water

Microwave: 60 seconds on high*

Airfry: 10 minutes at 180°C or until golden brown*

Do not defrost. Serve hot. *Heating time varies with the type of appliance used.


Pork, Fish paste (fish, flour, sugar, salt, E621), Flour, Oyster sauce (modified starch, salt, sugar, seasoning [E621, E631], coloring, flavoring, E211, E951), Sugar, Starch, Sesame oil, Light soy sauce (soybean, salt, sugar, flour, E211), Carrot, Salt, Fish sauce (fish, salt, sugar), Pepper, Cooking wine (rice, wheat, salt, coloring), Seasoning (salt, sugar, garlic, modified starch, flavoring), Ginger, E621, E500, Coloring (E102). Contains: Wheat, Fish products, Soy.

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