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Chee Cheong Fun

A favourite of many of our customers, our chee cheong fun is silky smooth and soft. Comes with 1 packet of sambal chilli and 2 packets of sweet sauce.



4 rolls per pack, 400g per pack, comes with 2 packs of sweet sauce and 1 pack of sambal chilli. Super soft, great for breakfast! Best Seller!

Storage Instructions

Keep chilled for up to 4 days.
*Double wrapped for maximum freshness. See packaging for actual expiration date. Once opened, consume immediately.

Cooking Instruction
Steam for 5 mins. Consume hot.

Chee cheong fun: Rice flour, water, corn starch, wheat starch, vegetable oil (palm), tapioca flour.
Sweet sauce: Soybean, peanut, sugar, caramel, sesame seed, salt, E211.
Chilli sauce: Chilli, vegetable oil, onion, shrimp, sugar, salt, belachan, E211.


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